If you need a permanent water meter installed, please click the button below and complete the online form. A 24-hour lead time is required for all meter installations, excluding holidays and weekends. Applications for bulk water and construction meters are at the bottom of the page.

Marana Water will install a meter, register, and transponder upon request. The requester will then be charged a monthly fee for water and sewer, where appropriate, from that point forward. Should any issue arise with the installation due to incomplete construction of the meter box, the meter will not be installed and the requester will be charged $52.50. The requester will be notified of the problem and a return installation will be scheduled. 

Here are some reasons why a meter would not be installed. 

  • The lot number or address is not clearly installed.

  • The meter box is not set to finished grade.

  • The meter box is not clean of any debris

  • The meter box does not have an accompanying lid.

  • The angle meter stop is not 6-8 inches from final grade.

  • The angle meter stop is not plumb and level.

  • A proper reducer is not installed.


This form is to be completed when requesting installation of a new, permanent, water meter in the Marana Water service area. Please review the information on the Establishing Service webpage for administrative fees associated with installation. Click here to review the impact fees for each installation.

Upon receipt of this application, an email with the account number will be sent. Install dates must be within 30 days of the date the application is submitted. Payment for impact fees can be taken through our online payment system. There is a limit on the credit card payments, therefore water and sewer, where applicable, impact fees will need to be paid in two transactions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We can accept check payments at the office, but will still require this form. Registration is done using the account number and Business Name/First and Last Name. Once one account is created for your business, you can use the same log in and add additional account numbers. It will take 24 hours for the payments to show with Marana Water, and 48 hours to show on your account after payment. Once payment is received, the install will be scheduled as close to the requested date as possible, excluding holidays and weekends. Required information for license, permit, and application forms can be found here.


To request a lot inspection/meter box final inspection click the link below. In order to have requests met the following business day, requests must be received by 3PM the previous business day. You will receive a copy of the request to the email address entered on the form. Please note: only five lot inspections per customer/requester will be accepted for each business day. The building permit must be on site for the inspection.



Marana Water provides bulk water services through our Standpipe system and our hydrant meters. the Standpipe system is located at 12775 N Sanders Rd. Both of these will require the appropriate application form and deposit. The forms are below, and the fees associated can be found on our Rates and Fees page. Please complete the form and contact Marana Water at (520) 382-2570 to set up your account.  Required information for license, permit, and application forms can be found here.

Standpipe/Bulk Water Application 

Hydrant Meter Application


Please contact Marana Water at (520) 382-2570 for any new service line extensions. 


All additional information related to establishing a new customer account can be found on the Establishing Service page.