Every year, the Town of Marana awards distinguished citizens for their service in the community. 



The individual Branding Iron Award is given to a person who has made a lasting impact, provided outstanding service and/or shown a commitment to improving the lives of others. The organization honor goes to a nominee that has strengthened the health and safety of Marana through partnerships, innovation, perseverance and/or contributes to the social and economic diversity of the community.


The Ora Mae Harn Crystal Legacy Award recognizes individuals or businesses that promote the “Matriarch of Marana’s” commitment to the ideals of the Town and enhance its image through exemplary volunteer service. 

New in 2017: the Youth Legacy Award

The Marana Town Council created the Youth Legacy Award in order to acknowledge youth in the community who make Marana a better place for everyone. Recipients of this award will benefit others in the community by promoting a healthy and safe environment, provide clothing, food, or shelter, or offering educational opportunities.

In the first year of this award, Marana is proud to recognize the outstanding work of the 2016 Marana All-America City Delegation. As a finalist for the All-America City Award, Marana tasked these students with demonstrating the wide array of programs across the Town which address foundational youth needs—programs which support heart, body, and mind. The youth delegates discussed the Positive Behavior Intervention System, a program that encourages and reinforces constructive decision-making. They shared MUSD’s Marana Cares Mobile, a retired school bus which the District converted to a mobile cafeteria that provides meals during school vacations. They highlighted the Career and Technical Education programs offered at Marana High that are preparing students for a wide variety of professions, from early childhood education to welding. Each of these activities demonstrates Marana’s commitment to supporting all youth physically, intellectually, and emotionally. You can learn more about the Marana Delegation here. 

2015 Recipients

2015 Branding Iron Individual: James Attebery

2015 Branding Iron Organization: M.Y. Martial Arts- Marana

2015 Crystal Legacy Award: Sally hard

Previous Year Recipients

2014 Branding Iron Individuals: TERI MURPHY AND MARSHA JOHNSON

2014 Branding Iron Organization: MARANA COMMUNITY FOOD BANK

2014 Crystal Legacy Award: Gary Borax