Is your event on Town property? This includes parks and the Marana regional airport.

  • A crowd management plan is required. The International Fire Code (IFC) requires a trained Crowd Manager to be present at an event with 1,000 or more people and one Crowd Manager per 250 attendees. View Information/Requirements and Crowd Manger Training.



Do you plan to consume/sell alcohol at your event? 

  • A Beer and Wine permit is available if you plan to consume alcohol at a park facility. All Beer and Wine permits require a valid government-issued I.D. be presented in person to verify permit holder's age is above 21.

  • An Application for Special Event License is required for any sales and for consumption at all other locations. The liquor license application must be approved by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. Submit your application to the Town 30 days prior to the event.


Will your event impact traffic or public roadways (streets, sidewalks, and the area in-between)?

  • A traffic control plan is required. View a Traffic Control Plan Example

  • You can contact a barricade company to help you with traffic barricades and creating a plan.

  • Insurance is required and can be obtained from any insurance agent. View Insurance Example.

  • If the event is on Town property you may also utilize the Tenant user Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) to obtain insurance on-line. View TULIP Insurance Information or How To Guide.


Do you need Marana Police assistance for traffic control OR security?

  • A fee applies for police assistance. Please contact Sergeant Alvarez (jalvarez@MaranaAZ.gov or 520-382-2041) for more information.


Do you plan to use tents or canopies at your event?

  • Additional fees for inspection may apply. Town staff will notify you after reviewing your special event permit application.

  • Tents/canopies larger than 400 square feet also require a Northwest Fire permit and inspection. Please contact Northwest Fire District for more information.


Do you plan to bring a stage or generator to your event?

  • Stage: Contact the vendor to obtain the type, size and specifications to include with your application. Please identify the location of your stage on the site plan.

  • Generator: Provide the size and type. Indicate on the site plan the location of the generator.

  • Additional fees for inspection may apply. Town staff will notify you after reviewing your special event permit application


Do you plan to have a fireworks display at your event?

  • Please fill out the Fireworks Permit. For questions call (520) 382-1999 or visit the Town Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor at 11555 W. Civic Center Drive, Marana, AZ 85653.

  • Insurance is required. View Insurance Example

  • A cash bond is required for damages and liability

  • Please make sure your fireworks are represented in your site plan. View Site Plan Examples