#MakingOurMark: Marana PD Carry the Torch for Special Olympians


As we count down to Marana's trip to Denver for the All-America City gathering, we're highlighting all the ways Marana is making its mark. Inspired by our farming and ranching heritage, we'll be highlighting Marana's official Branding Iron alongside many of the incredible people who make this Town an All-America City. Are you Making Your Mark on Marana?  Let us know by using #MakingOurMark, and we may feature your story here.


In just a few days, the Arizona Special Olympics will kick-off in Glendale, Arizona. Before they can begin, though, they will need their ceremonial Torch, which is currently making its journey from Bisbee to the Opening Ceremonies.

Helping it along the way are law enforcement officers representing agencies from across the state, including four officers from Marana.  On one of the first hot days of the year, Officer John Perryman, Officer Jose de la Torre, Sergeant Will Hess, and Lead Officer Kevin Trapp embarked on a 8.6-mile run along Casa Grande Highway, from Tangerine Road to Pinal Air Park Road.

Marana's officers received the torch from Tohono O'odham Nation police, greeting them with eager high-fives and back slaps.  

Torch firmly in hand, it was now Marana's turn to carry it on its journey.

As the four runners made their way up to frontage road, the mercury slowly ticked upwards: 93°, 94°, 95°.  The runners persevered, though, their faces drenched with sweat.

A few miles into the run, as a police incident developed elsewhere in Marana, the runners' attention quickly shifted from the hot sun to the police radio emanating from the SUV driving slowly beside them.  Eventually, Sgt. Hess and Lead Officer Trapp were called to the scene, leaving Officers de la Torre and Perryman to finish the run.  With a grin (or was it a grimace?), they pushed onward.

Several miles later, the pair finally arrived at mile marker 232, where an officer from the Arizona Department of Public Safety awaited their hand-off.

On Friday, the Torch will arrive in Glendale, where it will mark the official opening of this year's Arizona Special Olympics. Several athletes from Marana will compete in this year's event, and Marana's Police Department is a proud supporter of their efforts.  In April, they hosted the annual Tip-A-Cop event, where Marana officers served up delicious meals at Texas Roadhouse. All proceeds from that event helped fund the travel and event expenses of Marana's Special Olympians.  Through Tip-a-Cop and the Torch Run, Marana PD not only demonstrate their commitment to these athletes, but also to forming strong relationships across the community. Officers Perryman and de la Torre, Lead Officer Trapp, and Sgt. Hess are part of what makes Marana an All-America City.