The Town of Marana  offers real-world projects to enhance the classroom experience.

What students are doing

Here are examples of community-changing projects students have done in Marana.

Transparency dashboard

Students developed an online transparency dashboard proposal as part of their Masters program capstone project. The proposal included recommended layout, performance measures, and implementation plan.

Tourism resources & opportunities

Students worked with Marana and Oro Valley to develop a report describing the resources and opportunities for six geographic districts of the region leading toward the development of an integrated tourism development plan.

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Service benchmarks for growth

By surveying Town staff, researching other municipal jurisdictions, and analyzing data, the student reached the conclusion that the Town was in need of an organization-wide data acquisition and performance management system in order to meet future service goals.

emergency management

Student drafted the emergency support function document for communications, which was part of an overall town initiative to to formalize the organization's responses and partnerships during a community emergency. 

Architectural design

Architecture students partnered with the Town and the Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County to design bus shelters on major routes to support multi-modal transportation. 

Marana 2.0

Partnership with Marana High School

A youth engagement partnership between the Town and the Marana High School to bring local government information and opportunities to students. 


Bring Marana to the classroom

If you are a student or a teacher looking to collaborate with Marana on future projects, please fill out this special interest form and a Town employee will get back to you as soon as possible.

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