WIFA announces nearly $1.5 Million loan closing to improve wastewater system for Town of Marana neighborhood

MARANA - The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) announced today in a press release that it has closed a low-interest $1,481,990 loan with the Town of Marana. The loan will fund a project associated with the Adonis Neighborhood, allowing the 142-home community to connect to the Town of Marana’s modernized sewer system. The WIFA loan closed with a Board-approved 50 percent forgivable principal, which will reduce the overall cost to the Town. The remaining 50 percent of the loan has a 2.508 percent interest rate, saving the Town of Marana approximately $1 million over the life of the loan.

Adonis’ nearly 50-year old sewer system has been a topic of concern for the residents of the community and environmental officials for several years. As it currently stands, the sewage flows into two over-capacity lagoons, running the risk of overflowing in wet weather, potentially causing an environmental and health hazard. The WIFA funds will be used by the Town of Marana to design and construct a new lift station and force main to convey sewage from the Adonis collection system to the existing Town of Marana municipal system. The sewage from the neighborhood will be treated at the recently completed Marana Water Reclamation Facility to the highest quality, allowing the Town to reuse the water in various ways.

“We are excited to be able to assist the Adonis community in ensuring proper wastewater treatment, which will protect residents and the environment in Adonis and the Town,” said Trish Incognito, Executive Director at WIFA. “Partnering with the Town on this project aligns with WIFA’s mission of helping to improve water quality throughout Arizona.”

With the recent completion of the reclamation facility, the Town of Marana has moved quickly toward a solution for the Adonis community.

“Working with WIFA on a solution was great. Not only does this project provide much needed relief to the residents of the Adonis neighborhood, but with our newly constructed water reclamation plant and aquifer recharge facility, the captured wastewater flow from the neighborhood will be highly treated and returned to the aquifer for future use. This is truly a ONE WATER solution for our community and customers,” said Town of Marana Water Director John Kmiec.

About WIFA

WIFA is a governmental organization dedicated to protecting public health and promoting environmental quality through financial assistance for water and wastewater infrastructure. WIFA offers funding for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater projects designed to ensure safe, reliable drinking water and proper wastewater treatment. Over the last 25 years, WIFA has invested more than $2.2 billion in Arizona’s communities.

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