Drowning Impact Awareness Month

On Tuesday, August 7, the Marana Town Council passed a proclamation declaring August 2018 Drowning Impact Prevention Month.

During the Month of August the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona in collaboration with state and local government, community organizations, and private citizens engage communities throughout the state in a coordinated and comprehensive drowning awareness campaign and response effort.

According to the proclamation, drowning is the top cause of injury and death for children and teens in Arizona and are nearly 100 percent preventable. Strategies such as constant and capable supervision, restricting access to water, the use of life jackets, swimming lessons, and rapid emergency response, including CPR, are proven to save lives.

A year ago the Town made a similar proclamation and at the time the Northwest Fire District had already responded to what became several fatalities due to drowning. 

“I am very pleased to announce that this year we have had none,” said Captain Brian Keeley of Northwest Fire. “The little steps we make, the adult supervision, having the barriers around pools, and people being trained in CPR make a difference.”

The proclamation was presented to Captain Keeley and Christina Boucher, owner of Aqua Solutions, representing the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona. 

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