Star Spangled Spectacular stage to feature region’s top DJs and terrific musical acts


Popular Tucson radio DJs Dino and Avery from Rock 102.1 KFMA, and Beth Simmons and Larry Mac from 96.1 KLPX will be emceeing the Star Spangled Spectacular event stage on July 4, marking the second year of Town of Marana's partnership with Arizona Lotus Corp.

"Arizona Lotus is looking forward to being part of this fantastic event once again," Operations Manager and event emcee Larry Mac said. "We all are looking forward to celebrating our nations birthday at one of the biggest Fourth of July parties in the Southwest. This is a great event to hang out with family and friends."

Learn more about the local (and national!) talents featured at this year's event: 




Bio: Growing up in the Midwest gave Drew Cooper his down-home, backroads, country values that come across so clearly in his music. He may have grown up in Springfield, Illinois but Tucson, Arizona became his home away from home. Drew spent his college years at the University of Arizona, and while he has the strong presence of a linebacker, he was a cheerleader in college. 

Drew has always had a strong can-do attitude that doesn’t let anything stop him or get in his way. He's a self-taught guitar player who never let the blisters on virgin fingertips slow him down. His lyrics are inspired by the sounds of his past, his strong love of his family, and the country he holds dear. 'Son', 'brother' and most importantly, 'Daddy' are all names bestowed upon Drew. The music that he writes shows his strong family bond and commitment to the country values he was raised with. You can feel his heart when you see his smile, and you can hear his relentless love of music in every chord he plays. He has carried the love of music with him throughout his entire life.

He grew up on Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and Bruce Springsteen. At the age of 23 he was drawn to the red dirt scene by the serenades of Radney Foster, Stoney LaRue, Cross Candian Ragweed, and Pat Green who have all inspired the music he plays today.

Whether on stage in front of 12 people or 15,000 people, you will always catch Drew smiling, laughing and entertaining the crowd with charisma. He always knows how to put on the best show possible, and tailored to the venue. Drew has played festivals and major venues, but still loves playing his local dive bars like the Cowpony where he played his first show. His passion for the art of music is inspiring just as much as the lyrics to his song, “Pictures on the wall.”

Cooper may be new to the red dirt scene, but he has already cut a path to where he wants to be. Opening for National acts and hanging with his fans are only the beginning for him. With the release of his EP “Hangovers and Heartaches”  and up coming release ‘White Horse” Drew is carving a path for many to follow.






Bio: Little House of Funk is all about keeping the dance floor full. They play a unique blend of fun, funky music best described as Sonoran Soul.

Connie "Mama" Brannock is the mortgage holder of the house. She shares the place with Carl Cherry, Tyrone Williams, Gary Love, Marty Perry, Troy Martin, Josh Moore and Evan Arredondo. Their extended funky family includes: Rich Katz, Danny Brito, David Bynes, Johnny Walker, Manny Brito, Mitzi Cowell, Mike Polletta and a host of other funky characters! 






Bio: Alien Atmosphere is an alternative rock and pop band comprised of identical twin brothers, Nick and Matt Kwilosz, based in Tucson, Arizona. Alien Atmosphere is a premiere opening act band. Alien Atmosphere has played along side with Awolnation, The Offspring, Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, Neon Trees, and Pop Evil. 

Nick Kwilosz, who is right-handed and one minute older, is the lead singer. Nick plays the guitar and bass. At the early age of 12, Nick started writing songs. Nick won his first songwriting competition at the age of 14, beating out teens and adults.

Matt Kwilosz, who is left handed, is the drummer. Matt is a self-taught drummer. In addition to playing drums, Matt is an accomplished body-builder who won his first body-building competition Arizona Men’s Physique at the age of 19 years old. Matt landed his first supplement sponsor and was also featured on the cover of Muscle and Body Magazine.  

Nick and Matt are Arizona natives and both are songwriters. They learned various aspects of the music industry from their grandfather, Lloyd Conger, who is an accomplished Blues and Country singer-songwriter. 

In their spare time, Nick and Matt buy, restore and sell classic cars.






Bio: Los Angeles based Silent Rival—Sara Coda [vocals], Joz Ramirez [guitar], Yutaka Sao [bass]—claim three different countries and exponentially more musical sensibilities. 

Born and raised in Orange County, Coda channels the soul of Gladys Knight through Steven Tyler- style swagger and bravado. Hailing from Mexico, Joz draws heavily on nineties British garage-rock punctuated by just the right amount of glam, while Yutaka crossed the Pacific from Japan in order to chase his musical dream. Each one brings something distinct, dynamic, and definitive to the fold.

The singular magic these musicians conjured on their independent debut "The Kindness of Strangers" [Listen Loud Records] reached far beyond LA. Their introductory single “Die A Little,” peaked at #42 on the Alternative Radio charts, while Alternative Press touted it among the “29 Songs You Need To Hear...”, and introduced them to fans internationally while they played over 125 shows in 2017. Further acclaim has come from New Noise Magazine,, and many more.

A shared infinite sense of drive rallies them. “There’s a really great chemistry,” agrees Joz. “I write the music, Sara writes the melodies and lyrics and Yutaka adds his elements and sonics. As a leader, Sara has a lot of energy and this mystical side to her that you don’t see in other people. It’s very new school.”

Currently in the middle of recording their follow-up to "The Kindness of Strangers" with Alain Johanes (Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Jimmy Eat World) producing, the first single, "Just One Voice", mixed by Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Kiss), is a searing and modern tale of revolution through strength in numbers.

“Just One Voice” sees Silent Rival taking cues from high-energy rock predecessors like the Strokes, New York Dolls, or Queens of the Stone Age with lead singer Sara Coda dancing in Karen O’s footsteps, delivering punch-packing vocals and anthem-worthy lyrics.

"As a band, we choose to reject the belief that we’re living in a messed up world. We love this world, despite its faults. We realize that we have to take responsibility for this world that we’ve created, and with that responsibility comes the power to change it. I see people working to change the world for the better every day. This song is for that army of people."

“We’re not trying to sell or push anything,” Sara leaves off. “We don’t want to tell you what to think, believe, or how to live your life. It’s music. Hopefully, you enjoy it. We know that we do, and we will continue to make it regardless of what others deem success.”

As Silent Rival continue to ready their second release for late 2018, their chemistry will undoubtedly solidify their place amongst modern rock’s vanguard.





Bio: Steff and the Articles came together in 2009, after singer-songwriter Steff Koeppen assembled the group to bring her piano-based songs to life. The band produces music that touches on jazz, classical, and folk styles while maintaining an accessible, pop-oriented sound. They've opened up for national acts such as A Great Big World, Holychild, and Copeland (whose most recent record Ixora features Steff).

In 2012, Steff and the Articles released the album Stories You Can't TelI. In the fall of 2013, the band saw rotation of the single “Two Cities” on MTV Networks. That winter, the band released Why It Was So, an EP featuring single “Te Extraño." January of 2014, the band toured behind the EP, hitting cities across the West Coast, South West and Mexico. Singles "Call You Mine" and "I Want More" were released Summer of 2014, followed by another West Coast tour.

Steff and the Articles released full length Timekeeper in 2017, and look forward to touring behind the record throughout 2018.