Town of Marana Pavement Preservation Program - STREET CLOSURE

Over the next several months, Marana Public Works will continue its Pavement Preservation Program. The streets which will be affected are included at the end of this article. This program employs a proactive maintenance philosophy to improve and preserve the high standards of our roads. Due to the type of work being performed, you will experience temporary road closures while work is taking place.

Holbrook Asphalt has been contracted to perform the street maintenance project in your area. The work involves seal coating of streets within your subdivision. The seal coat is anticipated to take place from October 10 to October 19. During this time, please be aware of the following restrictions and advisories:

  • Affected roads will be unavailable for travel on certain days from October 10 to October 19. The contractor will offer a shuttle service to get you to and from your residence and vehicle. The service will run from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the homes on the streets being treated. To contact the shuttle, please call (480) 338-3254. Please refer to the attached map to determine what day your address is affected.
  • The type of treatment that will be applied to affected roads requires a 12 hour period of no traffic. All vehicles must be parked off the street. Please park your vehicle in adjacent areas that are not receiving treatment. If the owner of a vehicle parked on the street is unable to be located, the vehicle is subject to towing. Please see maps below for closure areas and dates.
  • Sprinklers may not be used one full day before or after your road has been treated.  Because treatments cannot be applied to wet roadways, delays may occur if moisture is present 24 hours before or after treatment has been applied. Damage due to sprinklers will result in repair costs charged to the resident.
  • Trash/recycle containers should be placed behind the curb and must be kept off the street. If pickup is scheduled during construction hours, your trash will be serviced at the next scheduled pick-up date. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, public safety vehicles will be allowed to drive on the treated surface.
  • Work cannot be performed in inclement weather. You will be notified of additional closures if the work cannot be performed on the planned date.

We understand there will be some inconvenience during this project. If we work together, we can minimize problems and finish in a timely manner with satisfying results.  Marana’s infrastructure is a point of pride in this community, and in order to maintain our high quality roads, projects like this one are periodically necessary.  As we work to complete this project efficiently and effectively, we are actively seeking input from our community members.  Please contact the Town of Marana at (520) 382-2505 with any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this project.

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