Local Leaders Break Ground on Tangerine Corridor Infrastructure Improvements

This morning, regional leaders from Marana, Oro Valley, Pima County, and the Regional Transportation Authority broke ground on a major infrastructure project that will affect residents from across these communities.  Over the next several years, construction crews will steadily widen and flatten Tangerine Road to create a seamless corridor from Oracle Road to Interstate 10.  With these extensive improvements, drivers on this essential artery can look forward to a safer, smoother, and more accessible roadway.

At the project’s groundbreaking ceremony, Marana Town Manager Gilbert Davidson underscored the importance of collaboration among these jurisdictions.  “Marana, Oro Valley, Pima County, and the RTA all had to work together to make this project happen.  When it’s completed, our region as a whole stands to benefit.  We are all deeply committed to the long-term success of this investment.”

For years, drivers and passengers in this region have navigated the peaks and valleys of Tangerine Road.  During the groundbreaking ceremony, more than one speaker referenced how much their children have enjoyed the steep ups and downs of the road.  That unique feature, though, poses a major risk during inclement weather.  During major monsoon events, the dips of Tangerine road will often flood, making passage dangerous, if not impossible.  Not only does this inconvenience drivers, but it forces public safety officers and emergency vehicles onto less direct and more time-consuming detours.  A flatter and wider road will therefore better serve residents who live nearby. 

Speakers at today’s event acknowledged the costs associated with this major infrastructure project.  By sharing these costs across Marana, Oro Valley, Pima County, and the RTA, each jurisdiction is able to cover its fair share without shouldering an unmanageable burden, explained Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller. 

Over the next few years, this project represents just one of several major infrastructure improvements for this region.  Pima County has already begun bridge construction for Sunset Road over the Santa Cruz River, and this summer, the Arizona Department of Transportation will begin building the Ina Road overpass at I-10.  While this active work may slow traffic in the near term, local leaders expect it to more than make up for that cost in the long term. 

“Our communities are growing rapidly,” explained Davidson. “To keep up with that growth, we need to plan far into the future.  Projects like this one exhibit that foresight.”

To learn more about the progress of this project, keep up with the Marana Newsroom, and follow the Town of Marana on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also visit the Tangerine Road Corridor project to stay up to date with the project’s construction schedule.