Marana Water News: Just the facts

At the Town Council meeting on October 6, the new logo was debuted. This new branding will be used throughout the department, and the Town for all Marana Water related materials and events. Keep an eye out for all things from Marana Water. If you want to sign up to receive notifications please click here.

The new logo will debut in October on the website, in social media, and on the water bills. It took hard work from Marana Water staff and the Town's Communications and Marketing division to have this created entirely in-house. Here at Marana Water, we are excited to roll out the new design! There have been many additions to the department this year including, a new name, online bill pay, new employees, and now a new logo. 


Marana Water was created in 1997 with a little over 500 customers. Now, there are over 6,400 customers and sewer services have been added. These customers are in seven distinct water systems spanning the Town limits. The chart below shows the growth of the customer base since the department began.

Marana Water has seen steady growth since its creation in 1997.


Yesterday's post talked about water conservation and gave tips on how to change habits to reduce water demand. In general, the water use between 2014 and 2015 decreased. The chart below shows the water use trends for the two years. Keep in mind, about 300 customers were added over the year time frame. Keep up the great work conserving this precious resource!

Shows customer water use over a nine-month span for 2014 and 2015. While there are some months that the water use has crossed, overall the use for 2015 has decreased. This chart is presented in millions of gallons.


In 2012, Marana Water began providing sewer, or water reclamation, services. Prior to 2012, Pima County had been serving all the customers in Marana. This transition allows Marana Water and the Town to control our destiny. The water rights that come from processing the wastewater will be helpful for future growth and development in the Town. The customer base has grown, and through September 2015, it is almost an even split of sewer customers served by Marana Water and those served by Pima County.


Marana Water works with departments across the Town. The Finance, Legal, Technology Services, and HR teams help keep everything running smoothly, and we provide water service to many of the other Town departments. Public Works will use our water on street cleaning or other projects; the Airport has fire extinguishing requirements that we help to meet; and Parks & Recreation has over 37 acres of grass that is irrigated by Marana Water. These arces are divided between five parks, Crossroads at Silverbell District Park, Continental Reserve Neighborhood Park, San Lucas Neighborhood Park, Gladden Farms Community Park, and Ora Mae Harn District Park.

At the Town of Marana, all departments work together to make our community a great place to make Your Town.