Marana Water News: What can Marana Water do for you?

This week, we here are Marana Water have been hard at work to share the Value of Water with our customers and Marana residents and visitors. Our hope is something from this week triggered an idea or curiosity in water distribution and conservation. Marana Water is committed to preserving such a precious resource, and we need some help to do so.

RESOURCES has resources of all types for anyone curious about water and water conservation. For our customers, there are videos on how to read you water bill (which can be found below), how to pay your bill online (here), and much more. Take a few minutes and look around the site, see what you can find that could be started in your home or yard.

We also understand that water is not just the responsibility of Marana Water. There are regional opportunities for conservation efforts including information from the Arizona Department of Water Resources. To find out more about the conservation efforts please click here.



The water quality team is out in the community every day ensuring the water for our customers is safe. We are required each year to test for minerals and contaminants in the water. That information is gathered into a Consumer Confidence Report and mailed to every customer. You can find your report here.


Another water quality program is the Lead and Copper testing. We need your help for this one! Our staff need water samples from inside the customers' home, and this short video shows how simple it is to be a part of this program. There are certain water systems checked each year. In 2015, we sampled the Airline/Lambert, Palo Verde, and Hartman Vistas systems. Up next year, the Continental Reserve/Picture Rocks system



We hope this week shed some light on how Marana Water operates in the community. Our staff are dedicated to keeping our system safe and reliable for the future of the Town. We have wonderful customers who understand what goes into having safe and reliable water come from their tap everyday. We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that reliable water is there every time you need it.