Roads and Parks

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 9-463.05, the The Town of Marana has adopted impact fees at various times. The most recent impact fee update was in 2014 under Marana Ordinance 2014.12. At that time, new impact fees were calculated for northeast roads, parks, water and sewer. Two impact fees that were only being collected to pay back prior debt, south roads and lower Santa Cruz levee, were re-affirmed. A northwest roads fee was allowed to lapse August 1, 2014.

The impact fee schedule for roads and parks shows the required base impact fees for various land use categories. These base fees do not take into account any creditable infrastructure that a development may provide.  

To aid in the assessment of impact fees, an Impact Fees by Subdivision chart showing residential developments for which creditable infrastructure is known and their subsequent net impact fees is maintained by the Town.

Maps of Impact Fee benefit areas

Map of Road Impact Fee Benefit Areas
Map of Park Impact Fee Benefit Area
Map of Lower Santa Cruz Levee Benefit Area

Impact Fee studies  

Land use assumptions as adopted
Parks Infrastructure Improvement Plan as adopted
Parks and Recreation Facilities Development Fee Report as adopted

Streets Infrastructure Improvement Plan as adopted
Street Facilities Development Fee Report as adopted

Water and Water Reclamation

Impact fees are collected to offset the costs of new infrastructure and services when new development comes into the Town. These one-time charges are used to recover the costs necessary to provide the high level of service expected from the Town of Marana Utilities Department.