Because we live in the desert, water is a most precious resource. We must all do our part to use water wisely to ensure an adequate and safe supply for future generations. There are many ways that the Water Department is working to conserve water, and there are links below that lead to tips on how conservation can be implemented at your home.


The department belongs to the Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona. This membership provide the following messaging and materials that are available for free at the Marana Water office. 

  • Conservation pamphlets and tips for inside and outside the home
  • Desert landscaping tips
  • Low water use shower heads
  • Many other tips and informational sheets can be found at here



The department also can provide a water meter monitor (WMM) for customers who wish to have more frequent access to their meter readings. Currently, all meters are read on a monthly basis. If you rent a WMM, you can use it to monitor the water use in between these monthly meter reads. It is a helpful tool to identify which activities are using the most water at your home. For example, you can read your water meter before running the dishwasher, or taking a shower, and then use the WMM to read the meter afterward. This will show the amount of water used, and can help with a water conservation plan. They are available free of charge at the department office on Ina Road. 



EPA Water Sense - this site has helpful guidelines for water conservation and tips for increasing conservation inside and outside your home. 

Irrigation Association - an organization dedicated to the efficient water use for irrigation from residential to commercial. 

Water Use it Wisely - includes 100+ tips for conserving water, games for kids, and a challenge to see if you can use water wisely in your home. 

Arizona Department of Water Resources - the mission of ADWR is to the the steward of Arizona's water future and ensures long-term, reliable water supplies, to support the continued economic prosperity of the state. ADWR is continually protecting Arizona's water supplies for the next century. 

Marana's Drought Preparedness Plan - The Town developed a Drought Preparedness Plan in 2007 working with regional conservation efforts. This plan was created by the Town Council to allow the Town to respond to a reduction in our available water supply due to drought. There is currently no shortage, and Marana Water works diligently to find renewable water supplies rather than solely relying on our groundwater.