These fees will go into effect on January 19, 2018 for any fees that decreased, and March 5, 2018 for any fee that increased.

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 9-463.05, the Marana Town Council will hold a public hearing on November 7, 2017 at or after 7:00pm at the Marana Municipal Complex located at 11555 W Civic Center Drive, Marana, AZ to consider the assessment of impact fees for streets, parks, water and sewer facilities. Land use assumptions and infrastructure improvement plans were approved by the Town Council on September 19, 2017. Copies of the land use assumptions and infrastructure improvement plans for streets and parks can be found by clicking here. The water and water reclamation approved plans are available for download below as well as the impact fee study as approved by the Town Council on December 19, 2017.

Water Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Water Reclamation Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Water and water reclamation impact fee study

Impact fees are collected to offset the cost of new infrastructure and services when new development comes to the Town. These one-time charges are used to recover the costs necessary to provide the high level of service expected from Marana Water.

There are several benefit areas identified in the Impact Fee program. The fees collected in these areas are used only for projects in that area. For example, fees collected in the North Marana benefit area will not be used for any improvements in the Palo Verde benefit area. You can use the map below to locate where your new connection is, and click to see the fees associated with that benefit area. There are numerous projects to upgrade and enhance the capacity of the department as these benefit areas grow over the next ten years. These types of projects include:

  • Up-sizing reservoirs and booster stations
  • Building wells
  • Creating interconnects to ensure proper fire protection

The map below identifies the benefit areas and the associated impact fees. Click on the benefit area to see the fees for all meter sizes. It will be noted where Pima County Wastewater provides the sewer service. To search for a specific address, click on the View Larger Map link on the bottom left of the map.

For builders in the blocks listed below, please contact Marana Water for fees in these blocks at (520) 382-2570 .

Gladden Farms Blocks - 7/13, 14/15, 16, and 22/24

Vanderbilt Farms

Saguaro Bloom Blocks - 3 and 8A

Willow Vistas

Camino de oeste



Intended to offset the capital investment requirements for new infrastructure to promote new growth.


Intended to help the department in providing our systems with elevated gravity storage reservoirs. This will allow for better fire flow, positive pressures during times of power outages, and will increase our overall redundancy. This fee also applies to the management of our aquifers by the purchase of and use of CAP water and other alternative water supplies. 


The cost of installing a new meter assuming an existing water service line. The installation cost of a new water service line will be based on time and materials. 


Applies to all new meters connecting to the Marana sewer service area. Customers outside of the Marana sewer service area will need to contact Pima County Wastewater for fee schedule, (520) 724-6609. 

To view the parks and road impact fees click here.