Hire Off Duty Officers

Effective May 6th 2019

Police Officers may be hired for extra duty services through Extra Duty Solutions.  The following requirements are necessary for the hiring officer(s) for extra duty services:

  • The Marana Police Department police services agreement and liability insurance must be completed and emailed to Extra Duty Solutions.

  • If the department receives less than 72 hours’ notice to fill an extra-duty assignment, officers will receive the rate of pay for short notice assignments.

  • Hourly pay rates can be found on the Extra Duty Service Agreement.  To download the Extra Duty Service Agreement, Click on the “Extra Duty Contract” tab below. 

  • As a general rule: one (1) sergeant is required for every five (5) officers assigned.

  • All jobs have a four-hour minimum and if cancellation is necessary prior to the start of the job, notification must be made at least 24 hours (not including weekends and holidays) before the time of the assignment.

  • In certain situations, marked patrol units may be requested or determined to be necessary for the safety of all the parties.

  • When safety is a concern, the Chief of Police, or his designee, reserves the right to adjust the staffing and duties of the officers.

Please complete the Extra Duty Service Agreement, the Marana Extra Duty Detail Application, and return with a Certificate of Liability Insurance to Extra Duty Solutions at:

Email   MaranaAZ@ExtraDutySolutions.com

Phone   (520) 200-4315

Fax         (203) 306-3140

For any additional questions please contact Sgt. Alvarez (520)382-2041.