The Tri-Star Program is a partnership between the Marana Police Department, apartment community managers/owners and residents, working together in a cooperative effort to foster a safer community.

The Tri-Star Program is designed to help residents, owners and managers of rental communities keep drugs and other illegal activity away. By taking proactive steps to abate crime, you enhance the quality of life for tenants, making a safer and more pleasant environment to live, work and raise families.

Participating in the Tri-Star Program does not imply there is no crime in the community; it means communities are taking steps to deter crime and have consequences when tenants are involved in illegal activity in and around the community.

How the Program Works

The program utilizes a unique three-part approach to crime prevention, designed specifically for apartment complexes.

Level One

The first phase is a multi-faceted approach that offers Marana Police Department Tri-Star Training. This course will cover requirements of the program, tools to combat illegal activity on the community, crime prevention and much more. The manager certification will be good for a period of three years.

The second phase of Level one is to implement steps in deterring illegal activity by utilizing the following required tools:

Level One Benefits

  • Managers receive certificate of achievement for completing training.

  • Community will be listed on the Marana Police Department Web site as Level One participant.

  • Use of Tri-Star logo.




To be certified as Tri-Star Level Two, the maintenance supervisor is must;

  • Complete the Marana Police Department Tri-Star Training.

  • The community must meet the landscaping requirements of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), found in the Marana CPTED Residential Survey marked as L2, which improves visibility and lighting in the community.

  • Establish a method of communication with tenants, either by e-mail, newsletter, flyer or Web site at least once per quarter.

Level Two Benefits

  • Level Two certificate for community.

  • Staff will receive certificate of achievement upon completion of training.

  • Police calls for service by e-mail weekly.

  • Preliminary CPTED evaluation.

  • Community will be listed on the Marana Police Department Web site as Level Two participant.


Level Three

In this level, properties must meet the requirements of CPTED -- security and lighting. This is the last level required for a community to become fully certified in the Tri-Star Program.

Level Three Benefits

  • Level Three (fully certified) certificate.

  • Police calls for service by e-mail weekly.

  • Community will be listed on the Marana Police Department Web site as a fully certified community.

  • Use of Tri-Star signs on community -- Must be purchased by community. (optional)


Costs of Criminal Activity

When criminals operate out of a rental community, neighborhoods suffer and landlords pay the price. That price may include:

Decline in community value.
Community damage from neglect or abuse.
Increase risk of civil liability.
Added fear of respectable tenants.
Valued tenants move due to crime.
Loss of rental income due to eviction or community repair.


Improved community values.
A stable tenant base.
Improved community reputation.
Lower maintenance costs.
More secure rental units.
Safer exterior environment.
Reduced premise liability.

For more information on the Tri-Star program or if you would like to get your community started, please contact your Marana Police Community Resource Unit. 

Tri-Star Program Training/Testing

In 2017, Marana Police Community Resource Unit created a new Tri-Star training program whereby it’s brought to you, on-site.  The intent is to train management and maintenance staff as one group for all to get the benefit and understanding of the program.  The training takes about one hour of your time, for a presentation and test. The Management/CPTED test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. Once you have taken the test, you will know your results immediately.

Following the presentation and test, we walk the grounds to survey the property to determine if it meets CPTED standards found in the residential survey.  Once complete a determination will be made to determine your Tri-Star level.

Required for testing

You may also download the CPTED training in 4 sections:

  1. Marana Tri-Star Property Manager Manual

  2. CPTED Training page 1-16

  3. CPTED Training page 17-33

  4. CPTED Training page 34-50

  5. CPTED Training page 51-69

  6. Crime Free Lease Addendum (English)

  7. Crime Free Lease Addendum (Spanish)

  8. Working with the Police pg 1.

  9. Working with the Police pg 2.