Tucson Local Media: Northwest demonstrating vitality in development

From an article by Deborah Van De Putte in the Explorer/Marana News

Why is there such a draw to the Northwest area, one may ask? 

What does Oro Valley, Marana and the surrounding area have that attracts people when relocating for work, second homes and retirement? Many factors play a role in answering these questions.  

First and foremost, the northwest area provides an opportunity to blend all lifestyles together easily. Municipalities keep up with the needs of the community by continuing to provide recreational parks and facilities for golf, tennis and children’s sports. Fine and casual dining, as well as captivating views of the mountain ranges, alongside hiking and biking trails makes for a big attraction. The roads are maintained and expanded for future growth.

Holiday and special events draw crowds of all ages, and let’s not forget our furry critters and dog park facilities. The needs of the community are heard, with additions and adjustments considered and implemented. Integration of all that allows communities to thrive alongside each other; happy communities attract happy people.

To accommodate happy people, the northwest is being fined tuned as builders continue to see the possibilities and vision for future growth in the area...