Ina Road Update: Planning for Monsoons Keeps Project on Schedule

The Ina Road Interchange Project is running on schedule and things are progressing well. Although a lot of that can be attributed to the hard work of all those involved in the massive undertaking, some smart planning has also helped.

“We are progressing on-schedule,” said Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Public Information Officer Tom Herrman.

ADOT and their contractors have planned for the tricky conditions that come in Southern Arizona during the latter part of July and August. One key component of that planning is scheduling early shifts to accommodate both the intense heat of the day as well as  strong rainfall which typically rolls into the area in the late afternoon and early evening.

The timeframe created for the project also has built in monsoon delays, taking account of the region’s rainy season.

“It is just like how in Minnesota they build in snow delays,” Herman explained.

Herman noted that they are making good progress with the project. Currently most of the work is being done on the west side of the freeway, so for many of those on the eastside there is not as much to see.

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