National Building Safety Month: Week 5 Innovations in building safety

Science and technology are leading the way for designing and constructing safe, efficient and resilient homes and buildings. Up-to-date building safety codes and standards enable technology to be incorporated into buildings while ensuring safety for lives, properties and investments.

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The International Codes (I-Codes), developed by the International Code Council, are the most widely used and adopted set of building safety codes in the world and use the latest technology for energy and water savings for homeowners and businesses. The Town of Marana recently adopted the latest edition of these codes in an effort to stay on top of the latest innovations in building.

The building safety industry is on the cutting edge of technology and building science. From green construction and resiliency to product evaluation, certification, and codification, the ICC Family of Companies is part of this technological transformation to make our buildings safer and our industry more advanced.

 Visit the International Code Council’s Website for more information on:

  • Green construction

  • Code compliant building products

  • Accreditation of entities that support code compliance

  • Building department codification

  • Resilience benchmarking