Marana In The Media: Building An Oasis

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Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine recently profiled the Town of Marana in their March 2019 edition: 

Few communities in America are more conscious of their water supply than Marana, Arizona.
Located a few miles northwest of Tucson along Interstate 10, Marana relies on Colorado River water through the Central Arizona Project(CAP), groundwater and reclaimed wastewater to deliver a reliable supply of high-quality water to its 8,000 customers.
The utility aggressively promotes conservation and recently received an award for participation in a forward-looking multicommunity project that will help reduce groundwater overdrafting across the region.
At the same time, it plans to build brand-new water treatment facilities to remove unregulated compounds from groundwater wells in two of its water systems.
“Water is critical here,” says John Kmiec, water director. “Our growth depends on it.”

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