MPD honors those who gave their lives on 9/11


September 11 is a solemn day for most Americans, but it is even more so for the men and women who serve as first responders in our community. Members of the Marana Police Department did their part to remember the terrorist attacks on September 11.

12 Marana Police Officers ventured to Arizona Stadium on the campus of the University of Arizona to participate in the 6th annual 9/11 Memorial Tower Challenge. Several hundred participants from various organizations climbed 2,071 stairs within the football stadium.

The number of steps represent the 110 floors and 2,071 steps that were in the Twin Towers.

Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema gave the Invocation at the Tower Challenge. 

The event is not only a way to honor the fallen, but is also a fundraiser for local charities. The previous five years of the vent saw it raise more than $100,000.

Current MPD Officer Dan Rowan was a member of the NYFD on September 11. He ventured back to New York this week to meet up with other current and former firefighters and honor his fallen comrades. Tucson News Now did a profile on Officer Rowan. 

"It's almost like I've never left them," Rowan told Tucson News Now during a phone call. "That's what's so great about this department. You come in, the tears are flowing. There's no handshakes, it's kisses and hugs. That's what the brotherhood and sisterhood is all about. It's all about love for what we do. We put our lives on the line, every second of the day. When I put the badge on now and I get in my car, I'm a police officer, a fireman, and an EMS technician. It feels great, and I love it to death."

For the full story on Officer Rowan, go to Tucson News Now’s website.