Marana named one of the most successful cities in Arizona


Marana was named the sixth most successful city in Arizona by career planning website Zippia. The website formulated their findings based upon criteria used by the U.S. Census Bureau in their American Community Survey.

The criteria used in Zippia’s poll was Poverty Level, Median Household Income, and Unemployment Rate.

The company admits that success is a subjective term, they felt set criteria could help define what makes a successful city.

“Here at Zippia, we like things that we can neatly measure and then expound upon,” they explained in a press release. “So yes, with the Power of Math, we have determined the unarguable, totally objective 10 most successful cities in Arizona.”

Zippia looked at all 59 communities with 5,000 or more residents and then ranked each city in the three categories on a scale of 1 to 59. The community with the lowest overall score was deemed the most successful.

Marana was bolstered by the second lowest poverty rate in the state. At 4.2 percent they trailed only Litchfield Park. The Town was also sixth in median income at $74,817 and 14th out of 59 in unemployment rate at 7.3 percent.

Of the communities ranked in the top-10, Marana had the third highest population, trailing only Chandler and Gilbert.

The full list and article can be found here.