Vision Insurance


The vision plan is a voluntary benefit paid by the employee. The plan is administered by Superior Vision Services and offers in-network exams and materials on a co-pay schedule and out-of-network benefits and additional services at a discounted rate.  Please refer to the Summary of Benefits below for additional information.

Note: the vision plan runs on a rolling cycle, based on date of service, instead of a calendar year. For example, if you used your vision insurance to get an eye exam and purchase new glasses (lenses and frames) in December 2013: 

  • You would be eligible for another eye exam and new lenses again in December 2014 if you remained enrolled in the Superior Vision plan.

  • You would be eligible for new frames, along with an eye exam and new lenses, in December 2015, if you remained enrolled in the Superior Vision plan.


Effective July 1, 2018 (enhancement to the benefit allowance)

The vision plan allowance for exams and materials has been enhanced to allow benefits once per plan year (July 1-June 30), regardless of the actual date you received benefits in the prior plan year.  This is an enhancement from previous years when you were only allowed services once every 12 months to the day.

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