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Welcome to Values in Action, where employees share stories and recognize their colleagues modeling our Cultural Values of respect, teamwork, dedicated service, and engaged innovation. We know that the more we work with the same shared values, the closer we get to becoming an organization of excellence.

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I reported to Cookie Gallegos, our Public Works superintendent, that one long strip and one shorter strip of pavement on the airport’s terminal ramp were beginning to sink rapidly. This situation was reported to me on a Sunday afternoon by a Raytheon corporate pilot after they taxied over it. Although it didn’t damage their aircraft, it could have easily done so had they been going a bit faster.

First thing Tuesday morning, Cookie's team came out to the airport to assess the situation and devise a solution. An O&M crew and airport operations coordinator Galen Beem began to mill the area and fill with asphalt. They removed approximately 10 tons of asphalt and put down approximately 10 tons of new asphalt. By noon, the job was complete and the ramp back in operation. I would like to commend three individuals in particular: Keith Francis, Fredy Castellanos and Galen Beem. In a mere two days’ time since I reported the problem, these guys repaired what otherwise was a potential liability issue for aircraft damage in a very high traffic area. Quite frankly, I’m not easily impressed but I certainly am in this case. I also realize that these guys had to be diverted from other projects so I greatly appreciate Public Works Director Ryan Benavides and Cookie for lending their team’s assistance so quickly and efficiently.

Hats off to all of the aforementioned town staff. They are all a true asset to the Town of Marana!

Fanni Acosta is an individual who cares about people. Many months ago, she encouraged an individual who had applied for several technical jobs with the Town to keep trying.   While he wasn’t selected for a regular permanent position, Fanni engaged in “out of the box” thinking and suggested that he might be a temporary fit for the front desk reception. She knew he had administrative skills that could be put to good use. This individual fulfilled the temporary job assignment and left Town employment as the assignment was complete. Recently, he wrote to her to thank her for her graciousness and the opportunity to work at the Town and said that he had found permanent employment. As he spoke about his excitement regarding his new permanent job, Fanni came to his mind. He thought about how Fanni went out of her way to get him involved and exposed to finding a job (in and outside of the Town) and he truly appreciates what she did for him. These types of genuine kindness and out of the box thinking can have a big impact on someones life. Nice going, Fanni!

One of Hilary Hiser’s many duties is to back up Jocelyn Bronson when she is away. But serving as town clerk during a council meeting three days before giving birth? That’s dedication. When Jocelyn had to take time off to tend to a family illness, Hilary was called to action for a council meeting. Along with being extremely pregnant — there are stages, right? — she also had to last more than two hours on the dais because the Lazy K rezoning was on the agenda. Not only did Hilary make it through, she did so without fault, through a packed agenda, a roll-call vote and 15 speaker cards. She also knocked out the meeting minutes before going on maternity leave. Hilary showed the value of teamwork and her ability to overcome obstacles by serving as a fill-in town clerk during the council meeting and for the entirety of her boss’ medical leave. She showed what teamwork is all about.


A woman came up to the first floor reception area and asked if we had a wheel chair. I explained we were handicapped accessible but we do not have wheelchairs and told her I was sorry. About an hour later. Paula Bluemer came in and said she was going to use one of our chairs. I said ok. She explained a man was having a problem getting to his car. She took the chair and when the man sat down he had very long legs. He had a problem lifting them. She asked if he would mind going backwards. No he said, “I’ve been going backwards most of my life”. His friend grabbed his pant legs and off they went. The man and his companion were very happy for the help. I would like the thank Paula for going over and above to help one of our Marana residents. Thank you Paula.