We hope that the information on this website is helpful. Additional information can be obtained by calling or visiting a planner in the Development Services Center on the second floor of the Marana Municipal Complex 520-382-2600.


The Development Services Counter is your first contact with the Development Services Department. Here you can visit with a staff member of the Planning, Building Safety or Engineering Department, or call to get information and guidance on your project.

Development Services
Marana Municipal Complex, Second Floor
11555 W. Civic Center Drive, Bldg. A2
Marana, AZ 85653
(520) 382-2600 / (520) 382-2641 fax
Mon-Fri 8:00 to 5:00 PM

Planning Counter

The Planning Counter is part of the One-Stop Shop. The One-Stop Shop is the place where all development related questions can be answered. The Town of Marana established the One-Stop Shop staffed by town planners, building code examiners, and engineering technicians to provide a single point of contact for information on new development within the Town. Walk-in customers are welcome Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For planning and zoning questions, please call (520) 382-2600 or email us at

Building Code and Building Permit

For building code and building permit questions, please contact Building Safety at (520) 382-2600.


For development engineering, traffic engineering, capital improvements, stormwater, geotechnical, real property and floodplain management related questions, please contact Engineering at (520) 382-2600.


Access the following Development Services resources to understand what is allowed on your property.

Zoning Resources

The Zoning Code outlines the base requirements such as height, setbacks, land uses, façade articulations, etc. The Zoning information for a property can be found using Marana Maps. The interactive application shows what the zoning and specific land use is for each property location. Also, some areas have additional requirements; please refer to the Title 5, Zoning of the Land Development Code for specific requirements. Visit the Development Services for additional resources.

Building Resources

Visit the Development Services  web page to view the current design criteria, adopted codes and amendments, plan review guidelines, permit checklist and other helpful resources.

Engineering Resources

Visit the Engineering web page for information regarding Town engineering codes and standard engineering practices. 


Certain projects will benefit from, or require, one or both of the following pre-application meetings.

Planning Pre-Application Review Meeting

During the concept stage of project development, project owners can schedule meetings with Developement Services staff to discuss Town codes, policies, and conditions that may be placed on the project to achieve compliance with them. These meetings can be especially helpful when submitting applications for larger projects such as in Rezonings, Final Plats and Development Plans. In some circumstances these meetings are required.

To schedule a meeting, please call (520) 382-2600.


In order to formally initiate the Development process, an application will need to be submitted. All applications can be found online in the Development Services Forms, Applications & Permits page or located within each department's web page.

Project Planner Assigned to the Project

The application will be assigned to a project planner. The project planner will review the application and be responsible for processing the application through the planning and development stages. Applicants may always call their assigned planner with questions.

Incomplete or missing information on drawings and application forms will delay processing of the application.

Status of an Application

Application and project details can be accessed through Permit Tracker, our On-line Application & Information System, utilizing the project search menu.


Applications are submitted to the Development Services Counter on the Second Floor of the Marana Municipal Complex. Please click here for a list all forms, applications and permits in Development Services. 


Public Notice

A public notice will be published in accordance with the notification requirements of the project type. This typically includes posting on the Town web site, publishing in the local newspaper and mailings to neighboring property owners and residents.

Public Hearing

The Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on the project and make a recommendation to the Town Council. A Public Hearing will also be required for a final decision before the Town Council.


There are several approval processes depending on the project type.

Review and Staff Report

The Project Planner will review, distribute and coordinate simultaneous reviews of the project with other town departments and outside agencies. Upon completion of the review period, the project planner will prepare a memorandum outlining the review comments and requested changes. Once all the comments and changes are addressed, the applicant will resubmit the project for approval. 

Administrative Decision - No Public Hearing required

These applications can be approved administratively with no public hearing, but confirmation of compliance is required. 

Planning Commission - Public Hearing required

The Commission has the responsibility of reviewing the facts related to the application and either recommends, approves, or denies the application.  The requirements of Title 5 - Zoning, of the Land Development Code, grants each commission rights to approve or deny certain projects. These decisions are made at public hearings, wherein the body reviews the project, takes public input, and recommends to approve, deny or table for further review.

Final Approval

After the Planning Commission has made its recommendation, the project planner will schedule the Public Hearing to the Town Council.

Town Council

The Town Council has the final decision on legislative and quasi-judicial items. A legislative item creates some type of new regulation or law. The Council takes public input, additional public hearing and then votes on the item. Elected officials' review is necessary as the items affect policy direction in the Town.

Appeal of Decision

An individual or entity that has been adversely affected by the action of a decision making body may appeal the item pursuant to one of the following procedures.

  • A Planning Commission decision is appealed to Town Council. The appeal must be filed within 15 calendar days of the record of decision

  • A Town Council decision will approve or deny a decision.

The appellant must submit the appeal in writing to the Planning Director, who then schedules it for a public hearing and review by the Town Council. The Commission may reverse or affirm, wholly or in part, or may modify the decision.

7. PRe-construction BUILDING AND Engineering permits

After the decision-making body’s findings are issued, plans may be submitted for building permits review and site grading. Building permits will not be issued until after any appeal period has expired.

Building Permit and Buildings Code

For building permit and building code questions, please contact Building Safety at (520) 382-2600.


For development engineering, traffic engineering, stormwater, geotechnical, and floodplain management permit related questions, please contact Engineering at (520) 382-2600.