I-10 / Ina Road Construction

Beginning in 2016 and lasting over the next two years, the Arizona Department of Transportation will be constructing a bridge over I-10 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks at Ina Road.  When completed, this project will ease the flow of traffic at this intersection and improve the safety at this location for all users of Marana's roads and I-10.

During construction, Marana seeks to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information about planned construction so that you can know what to expect.  On this map, you can find information about upcoming closures, the purpose behind each closure, and when you can expect each phase to be complete.

Download the Project Ina app to your phone today and keep up-to-date with traffic alerts and offers from local businesses. 

Click the top left-hand corner to view each stage of construction. Double click to zoom in on a particular point on the map.


temporary construction signage 

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Land Development Code 16-14-37 Road Construction Area Sign

A. An existing use located within a commercial or industrial zoning district and within an area subject to long-term or substantial roadway construction activity performed by the Town or other public entity or utility company may display on its premises one temporary road construction area sign along each adjacent street frontage.

B. A temporary road construction area sign shall require a sign permit issued by the town.

C. A temporary road construction area sign may be displayed for the duration of the construction activity, or as determined by the planning department.

D. Each sign shall have a maximum sign area of 40 square feet.

E. All signs shall be constructed of durable weather-resistant materials such as fabric, plastic, wood, metal, or similar materials as approved by the planning department, and shall be maintained in a manner so as to remain free of chipped paint, cracks, loss of text or graphics or other defects.

F. A temporary road construction area sign shall not be placed upon any other sign assembly, utility pole, authorized traffic control device, utility box, fence, wall, boulder, tree, planter, vehicle, or similar structure.

G. A temporary road construction area sign shall not be placed within public right of way.

H. A temporary road construction area sign shall not be located above the roofline of any building on the premises.

I. A-frames and similarly designed temporary signs shall be allowed subject to the following:

1. Signs must be located within 20 feet of the entrance to the building which is owned, leased, or rented by the owner of the sign.

2. Signs may only be displayed during daylight hours and must be removed and replaced each day.

3. Signs in the open position must not exceed a height of 40 inches and shall not exceed 30 inches in width.

4. Shall be placed at grade level, and in a manner that does not obstruct a sidewalk, pedestrian access way, parking area access lane, or a designated parking space.

5. Shall be placed so that a minimum of four feet of clearance is maintained for pedestrian access on all sidewalks and walkways.