K-9 Officer Zack to spend retirement with his handler Officer Barton and family

“All units, prepare for last call…

“The final call for K-9 Zack who is retiring after 5 and a half years of service with Marana Police Department. Zack served as a patrol canine officer in this community with the utmost dedication and honor. It is an honor and privilege. God speed, and be kind to Dad’s new partner. K-9 Zack, thank you for your service. We’ll take it from here.”

**Zack barks**

After five years of service with Marana Police Department, K-9 Officer Zack will spend his retirement years with his handler Officer Brad Barton and Officer Barton’s family.

K-9 Officer Zack is a nine year-old German Shepherd. He was born and received basic training in the Czech Republic before coming to the United States. He was trained as a human apprehension/detection and narcotics detection canine. During his career, he’s had hundreds of narcotics and patrol-related deployments which have led to countless arrests made by many different law enforcement agencies. Without Zack’s direct involvement in many of these investigations, an arrest would not have been made.

Zack is characterized as a methodical dog with the distinct ability to analyze and solve problems. He is known for his easy-going temperament that can turn into controlled aggression when needed.

Zack has been and always will be a valued member of the Marana Police Department. Thank you for your service to our community Zack. You are appreciated.