Second Marana Macro Machines a hit + photo gallery

On Friday, April 12, the Town of Marana held their second Marana Macro Machines event. The event allowed people to get up close and personal with the machines that help Marana Town Staff and their community partners do their jobs to make Marana a great.


This event featured departments and divisions from the Town including Streets, Traffic, Facilities, Fleet, Pavement Preservation, Engineering, Police, Water, Animal Services, and Parks and Recreation. Additionally Northwest Fire, the National Weather Service, the Air National Guard, and several contractors were also on hand.

“This is a great way for our employees to interact with the public and show them what they do,” said Marana Public Works Deputy Director Fausto Burrell.

“The kids really love seeing all of the equipment we use to keep the parks looking great, and their parents love seeing all of the tools we use every day,” said Marana Parks Superintendent David Herman. “I’ve had a lot of questions from some dads about the battery powered chainsaw that we use.”

Marana Macro Machines was held at Marana Heritage River Park and was attended by students from area schools as part of a field trip opportunity, as well as a number of residents.