Marana In The Media: Residents to expand neighborhood watch program

The Marana News recently ran an article about Neighborhood Watch Programs in Marana Neighborhoods.

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The Marana Police Department has a neighborhood watch program that has been in place for years. The program, sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association, enlists volunteers, often regular citizens, who serve as the eyes and ears of their neighborhoods and keep regular contact with the police.

David Danielson, Marana’s Community Resource Officer, works with a neighborhood watch support team to get these programs out in the town’s neighborhoods, share information and provide assistance wherever needed.

“It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors,” said Mike Newman, one of the support team volunteers. “It’s almost as if it’s a throwback to a time when neighbors really were close. It sort of aims to recreate a time when neighbors were close and helped each other out.” 

Darrel Gleddie, another volunteer, got involved with neighborhood watch about 10 years ago after moving to Marana for retirement. He lives in the Highlands at Dove Mountain, which has one of the longest-running programs in town, and serves as their community coordinator.

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