Marana Town Talk Episode 2: Marana Macro Machines, Public Safety, Water, and Elections

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Town of Marana has released its second episode of "Marana Town Talk", a new government podcast that balances education and entertainment with thoughtful commentary on local current events. 

Communications Manager Vic Hathaway and Communications Specialist Brad Allis kick off the episode with a brief discussion on Town events in July (2:35), followed by a summary of May's "Marana Macro Machines" event held at Marana Heritage River Park (9:20). Listeners can then go on a police ridealong with Sergeant Chriswell Scott (14:17), before settling down to learn about Marana's water resources with Water Director John Kmiec (22:43). Finally, learn more about elections at the local level as you get ready to vote in the primary election in August (35:15).