More Ina Interchange Project milestones being met


As the Ina Road Interchange Project continues on, much of the progress is being measured in milestones. Two more milestones are about to be met on the project.

On Friday drivers on I-10 could see the cranes were busy installing the girders on the bridge over the railroad tracks and the new westbound lanes of I-10. Once in place these will connect the existing bridge from the west side of the freeway to the bridge being constructed on the east side of the freeway.

The way the project has been designed, the bridges can be constructed over the freeway without the need to disrupt traffic on the freeway.

Around the middle of May workers will begin installing the girders on the second new bridge over the Santa Cruz River. Once the project is complete, the two bridges will provide four lanes of traffic over the river and make give Ina four lanes on both sides of the freeway up to Silverbell Road.

“The work is continuing on time and on budget,” said ADOT Public Information Officer Tom Herrman.

There has also been a lot of progress being made getting pavement down for the new sections of Ina and the new freeway ramps.

Upon the project’s completion there will be four lanes of interstate highway in each direction and Ina Road will go over I-10 and the Union Pacific Rail Road, making travel in the area faster, but also safer.

The project is due to be completed in early 2019 and is a joint project by ADOT, the Town of Marana, Pima County, Pima Association of Governments, and the RTA.

Learn more on the project website.