Marana Macro Machines: educational and fun


The Town of Marana capped off Public Works Week 2018 with the first Marana Macro Machines event. Upwards of 1,000 people showed up to Marana Heritage River Park to check out all of the vehicles from Public Works, Police, Northwest Fire District, and more:

  • Public Works provided vehicles, demonstrations, and a few giveaways. 
    • The Public Works Department had a wide variety of vehicles including a motor grader, a dump truck, a wheel loader, a drum roller, and more.
    • They gave children a hands on demonstration on how they locate and mark pipes, gas lines, and power lines underground. 
    • They handed out free flowers, ice pops, and plastic hard hats. 
  • The Marana Police Department provided vehicles, demonstrations, and music.
    • Among the vehicles on hand were patrol cars, motorcycles, and SUV's. Children were allowed to explore the police vehicles, including turning on flashers and talking into the radio. 
    • Pima Regional SWAT had their armored vehicle on hand as well, and children were allowed to climb in that vehicle as well. 
    • The Marana Police Explorers, teens learning about law enforcement, conducted a simulated traffic stop. 
  • Traffic Engineering and Traffic Operations provided displays and presentations. 
    • Among the displays were information on traffic signals, traffic control plans, roundabouts, and traffic signs.
    • They handed out stickers made from the same reflective material that is used on stop signs to make them visible at night. 
  • The Marana Water Department provided the water purification display vehicle. 
    • The vehicle opens up to show all of the various filtration and purification processes including chlorine disinfection, granular activated carbon, UV/advanced oxidation, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration. 
  • Animal Services and the Humane Society showcased some adorable puppies, as well as displays on their services.
  • The Marana Regional Airport had a table where they educated people about the facility, and helped organize the helicopter landing from one of their tenants. The helicopter landed on the street in front of the park, and then was opened up to allow children to sit inside. 
  • Northwest Fire DIstrict brought out a fire truck, while the NW Fire Local 3572 grilled up hotdogs and hamburgers.
  • Thanks to Parks and Recreation for making sure Marana Heritage River Park looked great and showcased their community garden and event spaces.
  • Credit also goes to the City of Tucson, the National Weather Service, and Pima Regional SWAT.