Ina Road Update: 09/18


The Arizona Department of Transportation has provided another update on the Ina Interchange Project. According to Tom Herrman a Public Information Officer for ADOT the project remains on schedule.

“The schedule is holding still,” Herrman said. “Long-term plans remain on track.”

The girders are in place for the eastbound lanes of the Ina Road bridge over I-10. By doing the project in this fashion, there will be no need to disrupt traffic to build the bridges

The girders for the westbound lanes will be coming in the next few weeks. Workers are in the process of pouring the cement for the support columns and once complete the framework for the girders can be put in place.

 Once that portion of the bridge is complete, the next big aspect of the project will be moving the I-10 traffic. Currently the eastbound traffic is using the old westbound lanes, and westbound traffic is using the frontage road. In late December or early January, eastbound traffic will move to the newly build eastbound lanes. After that transition is complete, the westbound traffic will move to the new eastbound lanes – with a safe divider between them.

“We’ll have both directions on the new eastbound lanes, using shoulders and narrower lanes, three lanes in each direction,” Herrman said.

Once traffic is complete re-routed, the destruction of the old westbound lanes and construction of the permanent new westbound lanes can begin. The demolition of the old westbound lanes is also necessary before the middle portion of the Ina Road bridge can be completed as the high way was raised in that area.