Parks and Rec: All Call for Fall

Fall is right around the corner and Marana Parks and Recreation has a robust list of offerings for your family to get active, and stay active this fall.  We are excited to launch over 20 new activities in addition to our most popular fall programs and events for your family's enjoyment. 

Six local schools will feature Parks and Rec after school programs. From weekly Art Literacy programs to Create with a Beat classes to art classes to sports intramurals, there are programs for a variety or interests.

There are sports for both adults and children. Adult sports include open gyms for basketball and volleyball at the Leman Academy. It is a great way to play a little pick-up hoops or volleyball, while keeping cool inside the school’s gym. If you get really good at pick-up hoops, then you might want to join the men’s basketball league. Like to do a little less running and jumping, then give our Pickleball meet-up a try. Pickleball is a paddle sport played with a wooden paddle and a small plastic ball that resembles a whiffle ball. Tennis your game? We offer tennis lessons for those ages 15 and up.

There are a number of youth sports options as well. There are golf and tennis lessons, including Itty Bitty Open Golf. Want your kids to try something new and different? Lacrosse is a fast growing sport that is just starting to take root in the west and we are offering a lacrosse clinic to brush up on those skills for this fast-paced, exciting sport. Youth flag football has always been one of our most popular offerings and our registration for our leagues is underway. Pee Wee Soccer begins play in September, and the leagues are filling up fast.

A fit lifestyle is one of the core values of Marana Parks and Recreation and we have a number of fun, healthy class and events for every interest. We have martial arts, indoor aerobics, water aerobics, and Zumba fitness. There is our Desert Education series for those who want to learn more about our wonderful Sonoran Desert environment. We offer guided hikes and guided mountain bike rides, and soon will begin offering guided horseback rides, so look out for those to start.

We love putting on events, and have some fun ones coming this fall. Like to run? The Turkey Trot returns in November, offering 5k and 10k races. Want something even more grueling? The Dirt Dash at The Wild Burro is our first timed trail run and the 14.8k (9.2 miles) race will take runners over a variety of elevations and challenges, while giving them great views of the Torolitias and surrounding areas.

The Marana Game Day Cornhole Tournament celebrates the traditional tailgate party with a little competition. This year the event moves to the Pines Golf Club, giving you even more entertainment options.

We also offer a variety of classes. Love music theatre and choir, then our Marana Community Music Theatre is waiting for you? For those who want to forge a better bond with their babies, we offer the 1 to 3 Mini Me Parent Classes. New dog, or misbehaving dog? Dog Obedience Classes are available. We have a variety of arts and crafts classes including Make & Take Crafts, Paper Art, and a Preschool Art Camp.

We also offer Self Defense of Busy People, as well as Street Smart Self Defense classes for both women, as well as teens and students.

For more information on all our All Call for Fall programs please see