Ina Road Update

ADOT has provided a quick update on the Ina Road Interchange Project, including portions of the project that have been completed and what will be worked on next.

Recently completed:

·         Installed 42-inch storm drains along the eastbound frontage road

·         Continuing to pave the eastbound lanes of I-10

·         Moving closer to pouring the bridge deck on the new Santa Cruz River bridge. Deck pouring is scheduled for mid-August.

·         Continuing foundation work for the bridge that will carry Ina over the railroad tracks and the eastbound lanes of I-10.

Coming soon:

·         East of I-10 they are preparing to lay storm drains and catch basins along Ina Road

·         West of I-10, they are continuing work to prepare to lay a 66-inch storm drain along Ina Road

·        They continue work on the eastbound frontage road and on the overpass to take Ina over the railroad tracks and I-10.