Marana's Judge Sklar to Participate in Warrant Resolution Court

The Marana Municipal Court, Pima County Consolidated Justice Court, Sahuarita City Court, and the South Tucson Municipal Court will be combining their collective resources on Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court located at 240 N. Stone Avenue in Tucson to hold another Warrant Resolution Court.  

Present for the event will be Judge Laine Sklar from the Marana Municipal Court, Judges Cornejo, Felix and Roberts from the Pima Consolidated Justice Court, Judge Avilez from the Sahuarita Municipal Court, and Judge Lassen from the South Tucson City Court.  These Judges will be holding court with an emphasis on assisting people with outstanding warrants and in the resolution of outstanding issues that have resulted in suspended driver’s licenses.   

To date, previous events have been attended by more than 2,900 persons where 557 warrants have been quashed, 490 driver’s license suspensions have been lifted, 663 courtroom hearings have been held, and 1,535 individuals obtained information and were assisted by court staff in resolving outstanding issues.    

Many participants have expressed a reluctance to attend court for fear of possible arrest due to an outstanding warrant.  “Since we started last year, no one has been arrested. Everyone with a warrant who was willing to actively work toward resolving their case, had their warrants quashed," said Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Administrator Douglas Kooi.

Many of the outstanding warrants issued by these courts are for failure to appear in court on prior charges or for non-compliance with court sentencing orders. Outstanding warrants result in the suspension of a person’s driver’s license and the Warrant Resolution Court will be an opportunity to quash these warrants, lift suspensions, and have driver’s licenses reinstated by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles Division.

For those who owe court fees and fines, there will be service windows open to quickly and easily resolve these matters by setting up payment plans or re-establishing a payment plan already in place. 

The Saturday Warrant Resolution Court will be held at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court located at 240 N. Stone Avenue.   During the event, six courtrooms will be open to resolve these matters.  The Pima County Attorney’s Office and Pima County Office of Court Appointed Counsel will have attorneys available to facilitate the resolution of these outstanding warrants.

Court officials hope the community sees this event as an opportunity for people who work, go to school, or have any other weekday issues to address their warrant status without interruption in their weekday schedule.  Although walk-ins are welcome, those who want to resolve outstanding warrants are encouraged to call the court in advance to ensure prompt resolution.  Individuals with warrants or driver’s license suspensions issued from Pima County Justice Court should call (520) 724-3171. 

Please contact Douglas Kooi at 724-3510 or at for information.