Marana Water hosts Holiday Season grease collection and recycling

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Marana Water is doing their part to help “save our sewers” by offering a Holiday grease collection. From now through Tuesday, January 2 the Marana Operations Yard at 12775 N. Sanders Road, the Town of Marana and Grecycle will collect cooking grease.

Pouring grease down the drain can cause a variety of problems to the pipes beneath your home and in the sanitary sewage system. Over time, grease buildup can obstruct pipes, reduce sewage flow, and act as a magnet for other debris. Eventually this buildup can clog pipes enough to cause a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). An SSO is the backup of raw sewage into the street, the environment, or even into your home or other buildings through sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets.

Put your grease in an container and take it to the Sanders Road drop-off site, or place grease in a container and toss it in the trash.

The collected grease will be recycled into biodiesel, which is a cleaner burning fuel than regular diesel.