Marana News: Town discusses new public art policy


This story originally appeared in the Marana News

The Marana Citizens’ Forum recently proposed a Public Art Policy Development to the town council that could enhance Marana’s sense of place, beauty, tourism and economy. 

“Public art, when done correctly and tastefully, improves the beauty of any given area and adds an element of sophistication and culture,” said forum delegate Kathy Officer to the council. “Public art enhances public spaces and makes them more enjoyable.”

The Marana Citizens’ Forum spends several months, twice a year, deliberating over a topic of their choice that will better the town. 

The idea is that art pieces would help build a sense of place in specific parts of town. For example, a sculpture downtown would represent the town’s center, and a work of art could enhance the Ina Road Interchange once it’s finished.

Officer said, for example, an addition that’s akin to the entryway to Dove Mountain could go in the entrance to Tangerine Sky Community Park.

“With art showcased in different areas of the town, we can address the individual identities of the town and showcase their beauty,” Officer said.

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