Marana named 9th safest city in Arizona


The Town of Marana was named one of the top-10 safest cities in Arizona by, ranking 9th overall of cities with a population of at least 38,000.

Additionally, Town of Marana was rated as the second safest city in Southern Arizona and third safest small city with a population under 50,000.

Marana had a Safety Score of 80.68. The top score in the state was 86.71, while the lowest was 50.74. The higher the Safety Score, the safer data shows the city to be.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.43.21 AM.png looks at several different factors when assigning a Safety Score to a city, including the FBI’s latest report of how many and what types of crimes occurred in each city over a single year, the city’s crime trends, and the number of law enforcement officers compared to the population. Cities showing a decline in crime are given a higher Safety Score.

Demographic metrics that are commonly correlated to crime have a small impact on’s Safety Score. These metrics include population density and trends, unemployment rate, median income, and education level.

Safe Home is an Organization dedicated to helping people create safer living environments for their families.

“Whether that’s reading through one of our research reports, understanding why your city was ranked as one of the safest (or most dangerous) or just simply looking for a new home security system, tour goal is to drive awareness through research, data analysis and education,” they state on their website.

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