Marana Center is Blooming with new Premium Outlets

You can never step into the same river twice. Likewise, you can’t visit the same Premium Outlet Mall at Marana Center twice.  Every time you come back, you’ll find new and exciting options that pop into new storefronts like the flowers of a Texas ranger blooming after a summer rainstorm.

The changing face of the mall means that there’s something surprisingly thrilling about wandering through its courtyards. Since the mall opened last October, shoppers have enjoyed the plentiful options of Nike, Banana Republic, Under Armour, and dozens of others. Careful observers, however, will notice that interlopers have appeared, sprinkled among these founding stores. 

A Crocs store suddenly occupies the corridor between Converse and Helzberg Diamonds. Now you can bejewel both your sneakers and your sandals!

Saks 5th Avenue Off Fifth stands sentinel over the western wing of the mall, welcoming shoppers into their cavernous aisles filled with the attractive styles for men and women of all ages.

At the opposite end of this shopper’s paradise, the cheerful vibrato of a singing princess spills out of the new Disney Outlet’s doors, her trills echoing off the capacious Old Navy across the way.

Everywhere you look in the Outlet Mall, you’re guaranteed to find a novel shopping experience, unlike even your last trip to the same mall. Just in the past six months, the mall has added nine new retail and dining destinations:

·       Saks 5th Avenue Off Fifth

·       Coach

·       Journey’s

·       Crocs

·       Disney Outlet

·       Famous Wok

·       Vitamin World

·       VF outlet

·       Johnny Rockets

Add to these new options the dozens of stores that already catered to all your retail fantasies and you’ve got the kind of shopping paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

As if all this weren’t enough, the mall will soon be offering a free concert series that will run throughout the fall. With a diverse range of musical acts, all hailing from sunny Southern Arizona, this series is sure to provide an excellent soundtrack for your Saturday night shopping excursions. On September 1, groove out to the jams of Heart & Soul, a sweet and soulful duo with a sound reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. On September 8, get into the mood of Oktoberfest with the Bouncing Czechs (Prague is near Germany, right?). Their accordion, clarinet, and tuba medley will keep your feet tapping all night long.

When your feet are tired from all that shopping and dancing, tuck into a scrumptious burger at the food court’s latest addition: Johnny Rockets. Their retro take on the classic American burger will leave you dreaming of the days of Frank Sinatra and Elvis.  Add to that their gingham table cloths and creamy milkshakes, and you’ll step back into the sunshine surprised that Eisenhower isn’t president anymore. 

Whatever your fancy, you’re bound to find it at the Premium Outlets at Marana Center. Only in Marana can you experience Disney magic, Coach styles, and Crocs comfort, all in the same place.  Discover all the latest when you Discover Marana.