All-America City Quilt Embarks on National Tour—First Stop: Marana, Arizona

Last June, the Town of Marana was honored to be named one of sixteen finalists for the All-America City Award.  With this award, the National Civic League recognizes communities across the country for their outstanding civic accomplishments.  To celebrate these successes, each community has created its own quilt square, which the League has then assembled into a beautiful patchwork design representing the diverse contributions of the honorees.  For the next six months, the quilt will be crisscrossing the nation for each finalist to display publicly.  From now until September 25, its home will be Marana.

This tapestry is an artwork that deserves attention.  Marana’s square depicts the Town’s seal adorned with the Your Town brand.  Crafted by a community member, it blends Marana’s official imagery with the stylings that have helped transform Marana from lines on a map to a community with an identity. 

Beneath Marana’s square, Salinas, California celebrates its literary and agricultural heritage with the image of favorite son John Steinbeck and the long lines of the town’s verdant fields.  In the lower right corner, a diverse group of revelers rejoice around the trunk of a tropical tree, depicting the environmental and cultural identity of Tallahassee, Florida.  Each community’s square uniquely portrays its own values, and is a sight not to be missed.

The quilt will be on display in the lobby of the Marana Municipal Complex at 11555 W. Civic Center Drive until Friday, September 25, and visitors to the Town offices are encouraged to take a few extra minutes to have a look.  More than any one municipality’s accomplishments, it honors the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration which the All-America City Award intends to foster. Marana is proud to be included in its design and looks forward to many more years of upholding that legacy of cooperation.