What is an injunction against harassment and Where can i file one?

  • An Injunction Against Harassment prohibits a person from harassing, annoying, or otherwise alarming another person.
  • An Injunction Against Harassment may be issued by any court in the state or Arizona. Here is a list of local courts in our area:
  1. Marana Municipal Court - 11555 W. Civic Center Dr.
  2. Tucson City Court - 103 E. Alameda St.
  3. Pima Consolidated Justice Court - 240 N. Stone Ave.
  4. Pima County Juvenile Court, Clerk's Office - 2225 E. Ajo Way.
  5. Pima County Superior Court, Clerk's Office - 110 W. Congress St. 1st Floor.
  • Injunctions Against Harassment may be obtained at the Marana Municipal Court Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 5:00PM. We strongly suggest that you contact the court before appearing, as the Judge may be in court or attending to other issues, which may result in a prolonged wait to receive an Injunction. 
  • The person filing the injunction is called the "Plaintiff". The person against whom the injunction is filed is called the "Defendant".
  • Injunctions Against Harassment are issued without the Defendant being present only if you show that a great or irreparable harm would result if the Injunction was not issued until the Defendant has been given notice and a chance to be heard. If a Judge does not find that such harm would result, a hearing my be set, and the Defendant will have a chance to be heard before the Injunction can be issued.
  • Harassment is a series of acts which are spread out over a long period of time, have a continuity of purpose, are directed at a specific person and seriously alarm, annoy or harass the victim without serving a legitimate purpose. The acts must be such as to cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and are actually causing such distress. 
  • You must tell the Court if there are any other court proceedings regarding the Defendant's conduct toward you or any other Injunctions in effect, and you must be specific about how the defendant has harassed you. 
  • Upon your prepared statement, a review by the Judge, and his discussion with you regarding the matter, an Injunction Against Harassment may be given immediately or a hearing may be set to allow the Defendant to be heard.

How do i file?

  • You must complete the paperwork that is given to you by court staff. An Injunction Against Harassment can only be issued against one person. Each person you want to file against requires a separate petition. 
  • After you complete the paperwork, you will be scheduled before a judge who will review your petition and either grant or deny the injunction. 
  • In some cases, the judge may schedule a subsequent hearing with both parties prior to ruling on the injunction. 

What happens if the injunction is granted?

  • If the judge grants the injunction, a member of the court staff will complete the paperwork for you. The defendant must be served with the injunction before it becomes effective. Court staff will explain how to have the Defendant served. 
  • There is no fee for filing an injunction, however, there is a fee for having it served. 
  • Once an injunction has been served, it will be effective for twelve (12) months. 
  • It is important to keep a copy of the injunction with you at all times. 

Can the injunction be changed or modified?

  • The Defendant may file a Request for Hearing to contest, change, or modify the order. Court staff will then schedule a hearing date, and all parties will be notified.
  • The court will mail a copy of the notice of hearing to you, specifying the date and time of the hearing. 

what if the injunction involves a minor?

  • If the Plaintiff is a minor, the petition must be filed by a parent, legal guardian, or the person who has legal custody of the minor. 
  • Any injunction sought against a person who is less than twelve (12) years of age must be filed in the Juvenile Court.

Additional questions? Please contact!

  • Marana Municipal Court - (520) 382-2700
  • Tucson City Court - (520) 791-4971
  • Pima County Consolidated Justice Court - (520) 724-3171
  • Pima County Juvenile Court - (520) 724-2064
  • Pima County Superior Court - (520) 724-3272 or (520) 724-3235

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