FOCUS: Stolen Car Batteries

Batteries are being stolen out of the engine compartments of various makes and models of vehicles. Follow these instructions to reduce the event of theft: 

  • Remove batteries from large commercial vehicles that are stationary for extended periods.
  • Record the brand and any other significant identifiers found on your batteries—Pictures are great for identification too.
  • Mark batteries with a Driver’s License or State ID Number— Be careful not to damage the battery or it’s label—Use a neon-colored fingernail polish or similar paint.
  • Keep vehicles locked to restrict access to the hood latch.
  • Install motion sensor lights in parking areas.
  • Install exterior cameras in parking areas.
  • Park in well-lit areas.

Report ALL Suspicious Activity Around Vehicles! Call the Marana Police Department's Non-Emergency:

(520) 682-4032

To Report a Crime In Progress Dial 9-1-1