The Development Engineering Division of Development Services reviews commercial development plans and subdivision plats for compliance with Town engineering codes and standard engineering practices. The Division also reviews construction plans for these developments. The Division is responsible for the permitting of these projects once plans are complete. In addition to the permitting of commercial developments and subdivisions, the Division reviews and permits custom home site grading and development in the floodplain of Marana, which includes Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and locally regulated floodplains.

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Marana has created a wayfinding sign program to safely guide unfamiliar motorists with residential development by providing a uniform and orderly system of signage throughout the Town. Through this program, residential subdivisions and apartment complexes that are under construction and actively selling/leasing units can apply for signage to be placed throughout the Town.


The most recent impact fee update was in 2014 under Marana Ordinance 2014.12. At that time, new impact fees were calculated for northeast roads, parks, water and sewer. Two impact fees that were only being collected to pay back prior debt, south roads and lower Santa Cruz levee, were re-affirmed. A northwest roads fee was allowed to lapse August 1, 2014.