Marana’s standards are high, we strive to continue to be an organization of excellence and have developed four Cultural Value Statements that provide the guidelines for how we work together.

Our Cultural VALUES Are...

We trust and value each other

We do what it takes to make the Town of Marana better

We are dedicated to service excellence

We treat everyone in our community (both employees and citizens) like family


A few weeks ago, in July, my husband and I hiked in the Tortolita Mountains during our vacation. Not only is the land and wildlife stunningly beautiful, but we kept mentioning to each other that the trails are so well thought-out and beautifully maintained. They are the best trails we have hiked on, and we have hiked a lot. One day we were hiking a loop, including the Alamo Spring Trail. It was a long hot hike for me, and although I had carried more than a gallon of water, I started running out and I was getting concerned about making it back. Well, we heard a noise up ahead. It sounded like a pounding on rock. We saw two men on the trail, working hard! They were Kim and Neil, employees of the town of Marana. Kim immediately saw that I was overheated and kindly offered me his gatorade, and refilled one of my water bottles. He said they were done for the day, and would walk the rest of the way back with us. I was relieved to hear this, and now felt I would make it back safely. We are from the northeast, and are interested in the wildlife of AZ. So on the way back, Kim cheerfully regaled us with stories about his experiences on the trails. When we reached Neil's truck, Neil generously offered to drive us all the way back to the trailhead, but there was only a mile to go, so we declined. We will always remember these kind, hard-working men, and are grateful we got a chance to spend some time with them, and thankful for the help they offered.

- submitted by visitor Sandy

I wanted to thank the Marana Landscape Crew (Public Works Street Maintenace Employees Woodie Smith, Daniel Silva, Manolito Ortiz, Marcel Rodriguez and Alex Romero). I walk regularly along the west side of Silverbell Road and there was a considerable amount of dirt that had washed across the sidewalk from the summer rains. In addition, there was a swastika carved into the sidewalk. While on my walk, I stopped and asked the supervisor of the crew if they could remove both. The supervisor was courteous and receptive. He said he could remove the dirt but he did not have the equipment to remove the graffiti but he would report it to the appropriate department. By the time I returned from my walk, the dirt had been removed. By the next morning, the graffiti had been ground off the sidewalk. The supervisor said what he was going to do and did what he said he would do. Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. This small act brightens my day.

Thank you and please thank the crew,

– submitted by resident Cindy

On Oct 14, 2014 a lady came up to my counter and asked if we had a wheel chair. I explained we were handicapped accessible but we do not have wheelchairs and told her I was sorry. About an hour later. Paula Bluemer came in and said she was going to use one of our chairs. I said ok. She explained a man was having a problem getting to his car. She took the chair and when the man sat down he had very long legs. He had a problem lifting them. She asked if he would mind going backwards. No he said, “I’ve been going backwards most of my life”. His friend grabbed his pant legs and off they went. The man and his companion were very happy for the help. I would like the thank Paula for going over and above to help one of our Marana residents. Thank you Paula.

– submitted by Town employee Rosemary 

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