Marana Budget Process



The Town organizes and puts together an Annual Budget based on the priorities set by Town Council. The Annual Budget serves as the funding plan for policies, goals, and service-levels provided to the citizens of Marana. It gives staff the authority to spend funds according to the policy goals set by the Town Council. The budget process allows Town staff the opportunity to review Council’s goals and objectives in a formal setting, evaluate and determine what is required to meet those objectives, develop an implementation strategy, and share that information with the Town’s citizens and elected officials.


The budget process occurs throughout the year as new regulations, funding sources, Town Council initiatives and policies, and improved methods of delivering services are brought forward to staff and Town Council.  Beginning in August, soon after the completion and adoption of the current fiscal year’s budget, the Finance Department begins the review of the proposed capital improvement projects for the next fiscal year, the current rate and fee structures, the current cost of services provided to Town citizens, and the Town’s financial and strategic plans.

Budgets & Financial Reports

These documents are a comprehensive decision making tool resulting from the annual budget process and provides detail for the fiscal years budget, beginning July 1stand ending June 30th. These budget documents are a reporting tool that tells the story of how the Town intends to use its financial resources and how it will ensure that those funds are spent wisely and efficiently.  The Annual Budget document includes actual fiscal year amounts, as well as current year estimates, and the adopted current budget.


The Town wants to provide a stage were we demonstrate a commitment to greater citizen engagement. Citizen feedback is an important means by which we engage with citizens to hear and obtain their opinion as it relates to the planning year.




Contact the Finance Department

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