Marana has created a wayfinding sign program to safely guide unfamiliar motorists with residential development by providing a uniform and orderly system of signage throughout the Town. Through this program, residential subdivisions and apartment complexes that are under construction and actively selling/leasing units can apply for signage to be placed throughout the Town.

The wayfinding sign program is operated by the Town of Marana. Applicants who meet the criteria for a sign may make application to either have a new sign constructed or to be placed on an existing sign with available space. The criteria for placement on a sign, the locations of signs, and the term for which a development may remain on a sign, are governed by MaranaResolution 2010-86.

The following maps show locations of existing wayfinding signs.  New signs are constructed as needed.

Northwest Marana Map
Northeast Marana Map
South Marana Map

Those desiring to enter into the program may fill out this Wayfinding sign application.