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Pima Community College: Make-up for Boomer & Beyond

  • Twin Peaks Elementary School (map)

Makeup Techniques for Boomer & Beyond Women

Date: Tuesday, 3/13/18 | Time: 7 PM - 9 PM
Location: Twin Peaks Elementary School
Elise Marquam Jahns
Fee:$45.00 | PD 605
CRN 60721

Class Description:  Skincare and makeup routines that enhance our appearance in 20s and 30s most likely don't work for us anymore; but what does work?  This class offers a demonstration of techniques and products as well as responds to individual questions. As we mature, there are tips, techniques and products we should know that will help us be our best.  Interestingly, a 2011 scientific study confirmed that not only does wearing the right makeup make a woman feel more confident, but others perceive her as more confident, competent and in charge.  One woman's comment expresses this best, "I feel better about myself, more energetic, confident and somehow stronger.  Even if its all just a change in my attitude, it has given me the boost I need and others seem to interact with me more positively."

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