Strategic Plan 2017 Update

Marana is currently undergoing the fourth update of our Strategic Plan. Citizen input provides crucial feedback for how the Town sets its priorities for the years ahead. On this page, you can learn about each focus area of the strategic plan. Then, complete our survey to let us know how we can best serve you in the years ahead.



Attract and maintain career-oriented commerce. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Support commerce and business by being creative and flexible in order to produce innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.
  • Create strategic infrastructure plans that support the attraction and retention of career-centered business and commerce in our Economic Activity Centers.
  • Seek and retain diverse industries and commerce in order to promote sustainable economic health.


Create a safe community where all people are motivated to be involved and feel connected and valued. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Maintain and enhance our reputation as a safe and well-planned community.
  • Use unique and creative approaches to engage and reach out to citizens.
  • Invest in a well-managed government that provides reliable services and quality amenities for citizens and businesses.

Progress and Innovation

Foster an open atmosphere that embraces change, creativity, innovation, and calculated risk. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Explore bold ideas and best practices as a catalyst for forward-thinking and visionary community leadership.
  • Excel in communication and the work we produce through internal collaboration and partnerships.
  • Align our organizational culture and internal processes and procedures to support an efficient and effective business-focused model for service delivery.


Strengthen community character by linking the past, present, and future. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Seek to preserve the unique history and culture of Marana for generations to come.
Kids recreation.jpg


Provide diverse recreational opportunities that create economic benefits and a healthy lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, we will:

  • Design, build, and maintain appropriate high quality recreational amenities to enhance the quality of life for Marana residents and visitors.
  • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle through Town programs and community partnerships.
  • Capitalize on the uniqueness and value of the Sonoran Desert in our community planning and tourism attraction efforts.